Christmas Sermons

A Christmas Gift For Jesus
Are You Ready For Christmas
Clearing Up The Myths About Mary
Do You Have Christmas Joy?
Getting In The Biblical Christmas Spirit
God's Christmas Gifts To You
How To Celebrate Christmas
How To Deal With Disappointments
God's Promises And The Birth Of Jesus
Make Room For Jesus
The Birth Of Jesus Announced
The Christmas Angel
The Christmas Gift
The Christmas Story
The Dark Side Of Christmas
The Decorations Of Calvary
The Gift Of Christmas
The Glory Of Christmas
The Light Of Christmas
The Marvel Of Christmas
The Miracle Of Christmas
The Power of Christmas

The Power of Hope
The Power of Joy
The Power of Peace
The Thought Behind God's Gift
The Touch Of Christmas
The Wonder Of Christmas
Victory Over Doubt Through Hope
Victory Over Fear Through Peace

Victory Over Grief Through Joy
Victory Over Hate Through Love
What Child Is This?
What You Can Learn From Christmas
Wise Men Still Bring Gift

Advent Sermons

While many churches and families celebrate Advent in different ways here are some suggested messages to help you get started.

Advent Week One - The Week Of Hope

How To Become An Ambassador Of Hope
The Hope God Gives
Lessons From The Den On Hope
Why I Should Be Hopeful
Advent Week Two - The Week Of Peace

How To Face Life's Problems
Pleasing God As A Peacemaker
The Great Peace Mission
Advent Week Three - The Week Of Joy

How To Enjoy Life
The Christian's Joy
How To Have Joy No Matter What You Do
Regaining The Joy Of Your Salvation
Do You Have Christmas Joy?
How To Keep The Joy In Your Life
Advent Week Four - The Week Of Love

How To Love Authentically
How To Love One Another
How To Love Others
How To Spell L.O.V.E.
Loving On Purpose
Loving Jesus First
How To Improve Your Love Life
The Evidence Of Love
The Four Sides Of God's Love

To view the introductions to these sermons and download them click here and search by the sermon title or topic of CHRISTMAS or ADVENT, HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE.

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