The month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month!  Many churches don't have any idea about how to show their appreciation to their pastor and thank them for all that they do throughout the year.

There are many websites that can give you great ideas for what you can do to show appreciation for your pastor.  We won't duplicate those ideas here but we highly recommend that you give your pastor something that they need.  As a pastor that has served in ministry for 40 years I know that one of the best gifts you could give your pastor is a tool that will give them ideas for sermons throughout the entire year.  That's why I highly recommend giving your pastor a gift that will help them all year-long like iFindSermons. is a sermon subscription service that has hundreds of sermons available online. Sermons are being added to this site on a regular basis. The subscription is $75.00 for any 52 sermons of your choice. That's a $210 SAVINGS! You can also download sermons without purchasing a subscription for $5 per sermon.

Each full text sermon is immediately ready to use and is packed with practical and culturally relevant points, illustrations, jokes, quotes, and supporting Bible verses.  After you have downloaded sermons from our database you can then edit and develop them to fit your own preaching style and the need in your own church by using the sermons available in our database.

You will find the sermons at iFindSermons all contain relevant illustrations, jokes and quotes to help you make easy application of the message to everyday living. We strive in all of our sermons to have material that you can easily adapt to your personal style of presentation.

Pastor Appreciation Semons and Resources