Service Sermons

Serving God and each other is a very important part of God's plan for our life.  Sermons on service are very useful for helping your congregation understand how they can serve both their church and community.   It is important for the content to be interesting and relevant.  At iFindSermons, we have a great selection of sermons on  service.

Each sermon is packed with jokes, quotes and illustrations to reinforce the biblical truth about service.

Sermons such as "Daniel, I Can Be Used By God", "Paul, I Can Serve God", "The Tools Of Service" and many others will give you great presentations to adapt to your congregation.  How many times have you started to prepare a sermon on service and wondered what you could say different than what you have said before?  We have great selection of ideas in a format that is easy to personalize and use.

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The sermons on service we offer at iFindSermons will provide inspiration and spiritual fulfillment. You can subscribe to download 52 sermons of your choosing for $75 or you can download any individual sermon for $5 each.

Service Sermons and Resources