Labor Day Sermons

Labor Day sermons are generally work related sermons. Churches need to learn about serving others.  It is difficult, however, to come up with unique presentations of this truth. At you will find a great selection of sermons to help with your presentation on Labor Day.

Our sermons are available for download at $5 per sermon or you can subscribe to 52 sermons of your choosing for $75. Some of our Labor Day sermons deal with the God view of work. Other sermons are centered on the theme of serving others. All sermons draw attention to the pertinent or central idea of the message with entertaining illustrations.

Find Labor Day Resources Quickly

You can develop your own Labor Day sermons with the individual sermons we have available for just $5 each or you can choose our online sermon subscription and get 52 sermons in a year for just $75. Either way, you will find the information that is available to be relevant to the church of today.

You will find the sermons at iFindSermons all contain relevant illustrations, jokes and quotes to make easy application of the message to everyday living. We strive in all of our sermons to have material that you can easily adapt to your personal style of presentation. Dr. Jackson has been active in ministry for 35 years and his experiences will enrich your life as you take the material he provides and present it to your church audience.

Labor Day Sermons and Resources