Thanksgiving Sermons

Thanksgiving sermons are a great opportunity to show the importance of a grateful heart. It is a time to impress upon your congregation the value of life, shelter, and sustenance. This is another holiday that it is easy to get stuck in a line of thought from year to year and you need some fresh material to present. has a great selection of Thanksgiving sermons to add a different touch to your sermon presentation. While including the traditional meaning and purpose of Thanksgiving, our sermons also incorporate contemporary jokes, quotes and illustrations to enhance the content for every minister. You can take the sermon as is or you can adapt it to your particular church environment.

You can search for sermons by series, text, title, or type with our user friendly online database.

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If you purchase one of our sermons and find the illustrations are not relative to your audience, you can search our vast database of jokes, illustrations, and quotes to find one that you prefer. The material is available for you to use in a way that will meet the needs of your church audience. Every pastor has his or her own style of delivery.

For only $5 each, you can download as many sermons as you desire. If you prefer, you can take advantage of our sermon subscription package price of $75 for any 52 sermons in our database. This gives you the opportunity to include Thanksgiving sermons with sermons for any holiday and topic you choose.

Thanksgiving Sermons and Resources