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Online sermons can be the answer for the busy pastor. Most pastors will have weeks that are uncontrollably busy, leaving little time for sermon preparation. Unplanned events such as funerals, emergency counseling sessions, administrative problems, or meetings can create havoc in the perfectly planned week. Instead of ending the week frustrated because your study time has been replaced by other needs, take advantage of our many sermons online.

The sermons at iFindSermons are full-text sermons that can easily be adapted for your particular congregation. You can select a series from a variety of topics such as "Becoming a Can Do Christian," "How to Face Life's Problems," "The Foundations of Prayer," and many others. A sermon series provides a continuum for growth around a central idea.

All our sermons are packed with practical points as well as plenty of contemporary illustrations, jokes, and quotes.

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Subscribing to online sermons will keep a ready supply of the topics of your choosing available for use when you need it most. You can choose from hundreds of sermons about worship, work, Christian growth, integrity, prophecy, and many other topics. Holidays will not catch you searching for a new approach. We have a great variety for every major event throughout the year.

Illustrations to personalize the sermon for your congregation are free and can be found easily by topic or keywords. Sometimes you need a laugh to get everyone's attention. Our jokes are in good taste and will add a needed spark to get you started. The reference material available will help you in every area of sermon preparation. The use of online sermons is a great way to grow your congregation in a relevant church.

While browsing our website, check out the IFS Bookstore where you will find all kinds of resource material, music, videos, and other great products for enhancing your ministry.

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