Mother's Day Sermons

Finding different Mother's Day sermons can be a challenge year after year. If you are like many pastors, it seems special holidays are often difficult to present new and exciting content. Mother's Day ranks right up at the top in church attendance along with Christmas and Easter. This is a special time of recognition for the love and care mothers provide.

At iFindSermons you will find a selection of Mother's Day sermons with a different approach to this familiar subject. Each sermon contains illustrations, jokes, quotes or pertinent information that will keep the sermon material interesting and fresh. We offer full-text sermons at only $5 per sermon or you can subscribe to download any 52 sermons for only $75. It is a great savings to purchase the package over buying individual sermons.

Other Mother's Day Sermons

Many Mother's Day sermons will use characters from the Bible to emphasis the importance of the influence mothers have over their children. Biblical principles are seen in the lives of these women that can be related to current issues in the home. There are hundreds of illustrations, quotes, and jokes on our website that can be used with any of the sermons.

Culturally relevant Mother's Day sermons will capture the attention of the audience. It is important to be sensitive to the needs and interests of today's mothers. Working moms, single-parent homes, and other situations make it necessary to focus on the positive influence any mom can have on her children. Our sermons and illustrations are easily adaptable to your church audience.

Mother's Day Sermons and Resources