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What To Do When Cultists Come Calling

A church member was taking a walk one evening.  As he approached a large bridge over a river, he saw a man climbing up on the railing as if he was going to jump.  The church member ran to see if he could prevent the man from jumping.  He got to the man just as he was getting ready to throw himself into the river.  Thinking quickly, the church member tried to start a conversation with the man: “What are you doing up there?”  The man on the railing said, “Im about to end it all.  I can’t go on living.” 
How to Stay Close to God
Tonight I am going to begin a new five part series from the Book of Jonah that I have titled, “Getting A Second Chance From God.”  Isn’t that good news!  God is the God of the second chance.  Moses broke the tablets of the law, but God gave him a second chance.  Samson sinned, but God gave him a second chance.  Peter cursed Jesus, but God gave him a second chance.
Taking The Mystery Out Of Muslims
Since September 11, 2001 all of us have become very aware of the world religion called Islam.  Words like jihad, ayatollah, martyr, and Allah are commonly heard on TV, radio and talked about in American households.  The question is, “Who are the Muslims?”