Valentine's Sermons

Valentine's sermons are an opportunity to present a basic Christian principle in a way that is both entertaining and life changing. Love is crucial for peace with oneself and with family and friends. This is a time to encourage commitment in relationships. We have a great selection of sermons dealing with the issues that couples face in staying in love.

At iFindSermons you will find a great selection of illustrations, jokes, and quotes to include in your Valentine's sermons. This is a serious matter that can be made enjoyable and even entertaining with the right combination of lighthearted content. We have a long list of illustrations that will keep your audience hanging onto every word.

A Variety of Valentine's Sermons

The Valentine sermons at deal with issues such as finding authentic love, learning how to love other people, fulfilling the commandment of love, and many other topics. Each Valentine sermon is developed with appropriate illustrations already included for a complete presentation. Up-to-date content is in every sermon. Relevant issues are presented in a manner that can be adapted to any type of audience.

If you subscribe to our sermons online, you can get 52 sermons for $75 or download single sermons for $5 each. There are frequent specials offered with sermon subscriptions. Browse our website to see the great offers included with your sermon subscription. Special occasion sermon preparation does not need to be a task. It can be as simple as reviewing the sermons we offer online and finding the sermon that will work with your church audience.

Valentine Sermons and Resources