Good Friday Sermons

Good Friday Sermons are among the most popular sermons during the year. Many people attend Good Friday services when they do not attend at any other time. It is important to have content that is relevant and challenging. Our selection of Good Friday Sermons at iFindSermons will offer the fresh presentation needed to relate the death of Jesus on the Cross to your congregation.

Each Good Friday Sermon is packed with contemporary jokes, quotes and illustrations to grab the attention of your audience and reinforce the biblical truth of Jesus' death.

Many pastors emphasize the entire "Holy Week" with a special emphasis on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter. Our sermons for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are for the spiritual development of your congregation and evangelism. If you are having problems coming up with a fresh idea for Good Friday Sermon, see what we have to offer. You can easily adapt our material to your personal presentation style.

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Good Friday Sermons come to life with the added drama from video clips. Hold the attention of the youngest to the oldest with the excitement of drama in your sermon presentation.

A subscription to our services will give you the option of choosing 52 sermons ready for use or for adaptation to your style of ministry.

Good Friday Sermons and Resources