Graduation Sermons

Graduation sermons available on are an excellent way to provide biblical insight and direction
for graduation ceremonies.  Graduation sermons are perfect for Christian schools that celebrate graduations with special ceremonies for their students.  Churches can also honor those students who are graduating with a special Sunday service and graduation sermon that will inspire not only them, but the entire congregation.

Graduation sermons can be used to encourage students to achieve their dreams, goals and possibilities.  Graduation sermons can challenge students to become successful leaders.  Graduation sermons are the perfect way to inspire students to fulfill their God given role in this world.  Graduation sermons will strengthen your student's priorities, passion and perspective based on the principles of God's word.

If you are just beginning in ministry and need sound, Bible-based preaching helps, you will find the sermon material available at to be great resources. The graduation sermons found on are complete with appropriate illustrations, quotes, and jokes to keep your congregation interested while you present solid Bible truth.

Even ministers with years of experience, sometimes need a new idea or a different approach to preaching a graduation sermon. The graduation sermons on the will inspire you with just the right amount of fresh content to make your sermons culturally relevant with practical applications for today's church.

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Dr. Mark Jackson has been a minister for over 30 years serving in positions as Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor. He has led conferences in developing leadership and preaching skills. He and his wife were members at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California for seven years. He recently planted a new church in Corona, California called The Bridge Church. His knowledge and experience in a variety of ministries leads to a vast collection of sermon material that any pastor of any church size will find helpful and refreshing for today's Christian.

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